Parit Buntar MP declares assets, urges others to do the same

GEORGE TOWN, Dec 8 — Parti Amanah Nasional’s Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa declared his finances in full today and called on other political leaders to follow suit.

The Parit Buntar MP said it is his responsibility as an MP to declare his assets.

“As a party that aspires in transparency, this is the first thing to do when we get into office so that people don’t query us,” he said in a press conference today where he read out a three-page list of his assets and expenditures.

He said he was doing this voluntarily so that the people can see for themselves how he spends his salary.

“I feel that all leaders must reveal their income, assets and expenditure for all to see. If they have nothing to hide, there should be nothing to stop them from doing so,” he said.

Mujahid, who is in his second term as an MP, said he has a monthly income of RM25,700.

He listed the deductions from the salary including taxes and contributions to Amanah, leaving him with a nett income of RM20,156.97.

He also listed his monthly expenditures that totalled RM16,703 each month including expenses for his service centre and instalments for his mortgage, car and personal loan, and credit card payments.

He also revealed that he does not get any fixed allowances from the positions he holds in several companies and state bodies, namely as the director of Syarikat Usaha Tarbiyah Sdn Bhd, the Penang Islamic Foundation and the Penang Library Corporation.

“My wife is a teacher, a civil servant, and she has also submitted the public servant asset declaration,” he said.

He said he used to have a small printing company but the company is now dormant.