Ramadhan Message (The Blessed Month)

1. What God did to all of us is wonderfull and great. Words cannot even come close to express His Greatness and Mercy. No faith can dispute the fact of this Majestic Truth.

2. He who owns the entire Universe (رب العالمين) and the whole of the Earth, Sea and the Planets do not ask us more than to repay Him our gratitude by saying (الحمد لله) Praised Be to Allah.

3. God doesn’t reprimand us but open wide His gate with abundance of Mercy and Forgiveness to our short comings and own doings. He touches our weaknesses by always giving us opportunity to contemplate and repent while He keep forgiving us with Love and Compassion everytime we repeat wrongdoings.

4. Who is God and how we interprate it, is a matter of theological debate and its root dated back from the time when man wanted to connect with the unseen world that dwelt in his deep consciousness.

5. He is God the One and Eternal (الاحد الصمد) since man have known and made known of His Omnipresence. It is man who try to defined God and make sense of Him through man’s limited capacity. Prophets or Messenger of Allah like other man are the best to impart the knowledge as they were His credentials and appointed messenger.

6. But, what did we do to God? Did we devout ourselves to submitt to His Kindness and Mercifullness? Did we appreciate His magnificient creation bestowed upon us? The air we breath to keep us alive, the water we quenched our thirst and the sky that provide us the shelter, did we give Him back by spreading Love and Peace?

7. Nay, we fought war on His name, we kill mankind while we glorify His name, we plant the seeds of hatred with His words, We hated justice and fairness by using His name, we condemed fellow brothers and sisters in faith using His justification, we supported tyrant rulers by justyfying His words, we let Kleptokrat loose for His reason. We did terrible things using His name, we even justify racism and bigotry through His blessings. What have we done to God? Does God deserve all these madness in His name?

8. When fellow human brought the discussion of God, we despise them just because we have different understanding of God? We could have bridge the differences through sense of civility and respecting each other and at the end we cherish His Gracefullness by abiding to His guided rule ‘to you, your faith, to me, my faith’

9. He could have easily made all of us under one faith, but He made us different so we can attain and feel His Greatness in seeing His signs of diversity. That is why we need to be compassionate in handling these differences. God wants it His way because He is The Most Compassionate and Most Mercifull (الرحمن الرحيم).

10. God did wonderful and marvelous things on us but we repay him in doing the most ugly and terrible deeds to Him. God did beautiful wonders to us, we did crazy and deplorable acts to God by way of destruction to humanity and the universe.

As I sat with anxiety the coming of the compassionate and the blessed month of Ramadhan, I await His call to fast and flush all the hatred in me so I can be compassionate to fellow human and be kind to the universe. I seek His Mercy for our selfishness, foolishness and failure to learn from our past mistakes.

Oh Allah! walk me through the Blessed Month of Ramadhan into your sea of Forgiveness, Ya Rahman(Most Compassionate)Ya Rahim (Most Mercifull) Ya Tawwab (Who Guides Repentance), Ya Hakim (The Most Wise).

وما أرسلناك الا رحمة للعالمين
“I did not sent you (O Muhammad) but to spread kindness to the entire universe”

Forgive us Allah for all the shortcomings , Make me your soldiers of Love and Peace in this blessed month of Ramadan. AMIN…

Dato’ Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa
Vice President of AMANAH
Member of Malaysian Parliament

24th May 2017
28th Sya’aban 1438

Image credit: Desiring God